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Women in Voice makes all efforts to ensure satisfaction with membership purchases. As a nonprofit organization we are highly reliant on fundraising events and membership dues to fulfill our Mission.

Membership Tiers:

Unpaid Tiers: Bronze

Paid Tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Our membership is non transferable.

You can find all information about our tiers and benefits here.

Membership Renewals:

Membership on unpaid tiers are automatically renewed yearly. There are no actions needed to maintain your membership on unpaid tiers. 

Memberships on paid tiers must be manually renewed yearly. To maintain your paid tier benefits you must take action when you receive your renewal email. If you fail to renew your paid tier membership, you will be moved to the unpaid tier until your renewal payment is completed.

Downgrade: Any member can downgrade to a lower level through their membership profile.

Membership Refund:  

Policy Overview: You have 3 days to request a Refund.

Refund: Requests for refunds must be emailed to membership@womeninvoice.org. No refunds will be given if a request is made more than 3 days after the membership application has been submitted.

Timeframe: If a purchase is eligible for refund, the full transaction amount will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment in approximately 3-5 business days.

Membership Cancellations:

WiV Cancellation: Women in Voice (WiV) reserves the right to refuse/cancel a membership at any time, for example for a member not complying with the Code of Conduct.

Cancellation as a Member: Membership can be canceled at any time by emailing a cancellation request to membership@womeninvoice.org. Canceled members will be removed from our membership system. Any cancellations of a paid membership tier that take place more than 3 business days after purchase will not receive a refund, however all membership-related listings and benefits will be canceled.

Not Processed: If an individual requests to cancel a paid tier membership prior to payment being processed, WiV will simply not process payment for that application. The applicant will forfeit no money. 

Membership for Ambassadors and Board Members:

Ambassadors and Board Members are strongly encouraged to sign up Women in Voice Members, and their efforts are rewarded with free access to Platinum Membership. 

The platinum membership status will be assigned to an ambassador upon successful approval and onboarding. 

An Ambassador or Board Member who has previously paid for membership will not be refunded (unless requested within 3 days of purchase). However, we encourage these individuals to contact membership@womeninvoice.org upon their next membership renewal, so that eligibility for free Platinum Membership can be verified.

This document is based on and influenced by several other community policies and is subject to change.

(c) Women in Voice INC. 2021 All Rights Reserved

Women in Voice is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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